In order to keep your credentials for sources as safe as possible, uses your device's default browser to login to accounts. This provides several benefits

- The app cannot view anything that happens inside your browser

- Services being authorised in your browser are completely separate from the app

- You can use password managers to login faster

- Services you've previously logged into will now do so automatically

Whilst we believe that this is the best process for keeping your data secure, introducing more apps into the login process has the potential to cause problems. Here are some issues you may run into: 


- not reopening after you've finished logging in. 

If you're using an Android, Mac or Windows device and have changed your default browser, please change it back. If this doesn't help, get in touch.

- A service logging in automatically to the wrong account.

This can be resolved by opening a new tab in your browser, heading to the service's website and manually logging out.