A digi.me library is where you store your data. You have complete control over this library, including:

-setting the password that protects this library

-choosing which of the three Cloud Storage services to house your library

-how the data you have added to your library is viewed, used and shared

To get started, select ‘Create your digi.me’ and create your password. It must be a minimum of four characters, and only you know this password, as digi.me does not store or hold any passwords. If you forget it, you will have to create a new library.

After creating a password, you can choose to house your library on Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. If you choose OneDrive, it will have to be a personal account and not a business one, as digi.me does not support these. Select your desired service, enter your credentials and you’re done! Now you can start to add your data to your library and use it however you wish.