Consentry is a privacy centric alternative to traditional contact tracing built by, designed to be used in offices and other workplace environments.

Using the Consentry app, all employees scan QR codes to check in and out of locations, registering on their device when they were at the location and how long for. Employees can also use the app to perform a daily self assessment, which is anonymously shared with their employer. 

If an employee receives a positive test result, they can use their private location log in Consentry to let their employer know which locations they've been at whilst being an infection risk. The employer can then use the Consentry dashboard to flag these locations as 'Potentially Infected Places' (PIP). The Consentry app downloads a list of these places at regular intervals, and uses on device processing to compare the list and the employee's location log. If a match is found, the app will alert the person and recommend they take a test.

This model serves as a functional replacement for traditional contact tracing, and uses far less resources. Using this approach, employers don't need to have access to all of their employees' location data.

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